Sauna is by the river.

Come to feel and enjoy the atmosphere of a traditional Finnish wood-pellet burning sauna. We have restored the sauna, which was built in the 1930s. The sauna is situated by the river in the Rovaniemi Local Heritage Museum area. 

Reservation and information

- reservation by phone +358 50 325 2017

- reservation by email 

- sauna for 1– 7 persons from April to October every day for three-hour baths.

- 75€ heating payment + 15 €/person 

- take your own towel and washing equipment with you

- you can order coffee 5€/person


General information on sauna

It is likely that the Finnish people have had the sauna for about two thousand years, although the oldest known documents only date back about half of this time.

Humidity is regulated by small doses of water ladled repeatedly onto the kiuas stones. The resulting vapour, rising from the stones, is called löyly. The temperature varies between 70 and 90 °C, depending on the size of the room. Bathers warming up in the hot room help perspiration by using whisks made of tender birch twigs (vihta or vasta). Warming-up is followed by washing and cooling off; arrangements for cooling off in the open air are welcomed.

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Dressing room.
Löyly and washing room. If you don't know what löyly is read the general information on sauna, please.